Following the huge broadcast success of the PPV Bare Knuckle Boxing event ‘BKB15’, Television X, the UK’s biggest and best adult TV channel will be beaming the next live instalment of the fight night extravaganza from BKB – the only legal bare knuckle boxing outfit in the world.

The next highly anticipated showdown, BKB16, will be broadcast live on TVX Pay Per Night, Sky Channel 900 and Virgin On Demand on Saturday 30 March 2019 from 7pm (encrypted from 8pm)

Pay-per-view customers will get to see sex as well as violence with the bonus of a night of ‘adult art’ movies across 3 Sky channels when the fighting is over, so it’s strictly over 18s only. Television X porn girls Alessa Savage and Kiki Minaj will be sliding inside the famous TVX catsuits on the night to sex up proceedings and lead the fighters out.

From hay bales in barns to the bright lights of the illustrious O2 Arena, bare knuckle boxing is developing a growing cult following in the UK. Fans of extreme sports are flocking to the event as it captures the epitome and excitement of raw edge, extreme combat sports.

Recently announced, BKB™ signed UFC and WEC legend, Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett, who retired from Mixed Martial Arts following his final UFC performance in March of 2017. Unknown at the time if we would see Pickett back in combat action, many assuming so, with two years away from competition, ‘One Punch’ is back, only this time without the gloves.

BKB16 has 11 red hot fights lined up, pairing fighters from BKB, traditional boxing and MMA. BKB 16 will also feature the semi-final of the eagerly anticipated ‘Prizefighter’ tournament with the recent draw putting Dean ‘Smudger’ Smith v James Connelly and Ricardo Franco v Connor Tierney. The last fighter standing will net a cool prize pool of £10,000 – and a shot at the world super-middleweight championship.

Viewers can purchase the event by calling 0871 271 5599 or by selecting the event on your Sky Remote or by visiting  Available on TVX Pay Per Night, Sky Channel 900. Pay-per-view from 8pm priced at £9.95 or selecting the event on Virgin On Demand. T&C’s apply.

Don’t miss this exclusive live spectacular from Television X and let body splatter commence!

BKB – the gloves are off!

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