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Adult industry cycling club Porn Pedallers have been wheeled out into the biking wilderness when last week official UK riding body British Cycling stripped the Pedallers of their membership.

Raising money for charities such as the Terrance Higgins Trust and the British Heart Foundation, the cycling team have clocked up over 50,000 miles in the saddle during the last year. Members include some famous faces from the porno world such as ample breasted Tindra Frost and Rebecca More. And trouser snaked studs Pascal White and Peter Oh Tool.

In a letter to PPCC, British Cycling jammed on the brakes revoking the club affiliation by writing the team might “damage the image of the Union Cycliste Internationale or the sport of cycling in general”.

As the axe came down on the randy riders, PPCC captain Chris Ratcliff tweeted. “Cycling is for everyone. Except people like us.”

What followed was an unpresented backlash against the cycling body as the nation went into meltdown in opposition to the unpopular move. “Blatant Discrimination!”, “Out of touch!”, “Slut shamers!”, and “Bell ends!” were just a few of the phrases aimed at BC as the public and cycling community gathered at large against the outrageous decision.

The story soon went viral with tabloids and broadsheets alike covering the story. The news even penetrated foreign shores being covered on news site Russia Today and Italian Sport Bible La Gazzetta dello Sport.

We understand BC have offered a concession to bring the Pedallers back into affiliation if they change the club name and remove the sponsors which include major names in the adult industry such as Television X, Doxy, Platinum Lace, Babesation, Pascals Sub Sluts and Adultwork as well as age verification services AV Yourself and VeriMe but Ratcliff has stood nice and firm against this change “Our identity is important to us. It brings us together.” he said.

Due to popular demand PPCC is now setting up a supporters club and fans can get hold of a replica team jersey of the Porn Pedallers. The club will donate £10 from every purchase to the Terrance Higgins Trust.

We wait to see if British Cycling take the Pedallers back from behind bars and inject them back into the cycling community once more so they can continue wheely good charity work.

To find out more about the Porn Pedallers Cycling Club follow them on Twitter @PornPedallers

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