Carry On Dr Lacey


This weekend sees the launch of the hugely anticipated sequel to the 2018 SHAFTA award winning movie – Dr Lacey Sex Therapist.

Dr Lacey Sex Therapist 2 has hit the TV screens of Television X and from the sneak peek we’ve seen of the white coated GILF in action, it promises to be the biggest medical TV series since Casualty.

We caught up with the star of the show Lacey Starr to ask her about her latest clinical shag fest.

How did you come up with the character Doctor Lacey?

The Dr. Lacey character is based on real-life experiences. I have a Masters in Psychotherapy and have worked in couples counselling. I always ensure that issues raised in each episode are genuine problems that some people encounter in their sex-lives. The original idea was just to have a saucy therapist, who likes to get it on with her clients and after filming a half dozen or so scenes, they started becoming more and more popular, so I kinda just developed her from there.

Tell us about one of your favourite scenes in Doctor Lacey 2?

The first series of Dr. Lacey Sex Therapist won the SHAFTA Award for best series 2018, so I felt it was important to really push the boundaries on series 2 and I think I really managed that! All the episodes are super hot, with even more sex with even more people than in series 1. The episode featuring beautiful, young, Cherry English, where we address the ‘Pet-Play’ fetish is certainly the one that’ll raise the most eyebrows and it’s maybe my favourite because Cherry made me cum so hard, several times, and although I tend to cum a lot during sex, Cherry’s clever little tongue gave me a couple of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever felt in my life.

Tell us how you got into the porn biz?

I have always been addicted to sex, and before I got into porn I used to swing, and would hold big swingers parties each month at my home. It was at one of these parties, in the early hours, after most of the guests had left, where I was first approached about becoming an adult performer. I had been having some seriously energetic sex on a bed with two young black guys, and a small group had assembled and was sitting watching the action unfold. When the three of us were done, a couple came up to me and told me that I could have earned good money by doing that in front of a webcam. I was intrigued, not to mention somewhat aroused, and after further discussion they helped set me up a profile on a popular webcamming/adult site. They were right, I started camming and did rather well. A few days after registering I was messaged by a producer about shooting a scene or two for a Dutch website. I decided it was something I quite liked the idea of trying, so agreed. On the day itself, I arrived and was introduced to a young ‘stud’ and lead out into the garden of this house, as it was such a beautiful day, and then proceeded to have a good hard outdoor fuck with this guy while the producer filmed us. I felt completely uninhibited and experienced a confidence and freedom that I hadn’t ever felt before. The very next day I quit my job as a teacher and became a full time adult model.

What type of porn do you enjoy to watch yourself?

I love different types of porn depending on my mood. If I’m just looking to get off quickly, I watch quite dark and intense things involving gangbangs, bukkake etc. But if I have time to relax and enjoy a lovely long wank, then I’ll watch much more sensual and passionate scenes, often lesbian, where there’s a slow build and some tease. I love interracial porn too as I always really enjoy sex with black guys.

What type of men do you tend to be attracted to?

I’m always attracted to polite, genuine and relaxed guys who exude confidence but not cockiness. Physically, I’m aroused by younger guys with good sized dicks, particularly black guys. I’m also massively attracted to girls and have been bisexual all my adult life. Being involved in porn has enabled to me openly express my bisexuality, which I guess is why I’m always being complimented on how natural and real the sex appears in my movies.

What’s the wildest thing you have done in a porno?

Oh I’ve done so much!

I guess a seventeen-man gangbang is the wildest thing I’ve done in front of a camera (though I’ve probably done double that at times when there’s been no camera present!)

Is there anything you haven’t done yet but would like to do in porn?

Well, there’s not too much I haven’t done, but I’m always up for trying new things. There’s certainly things I’ve done plenty of times but I’d like to film more of, like anal, creampies, gangbangs, bukkake, watersports etc

I’m 60 years old at the end of July, and I plan to celebrate the milestone by filming something memorable, so keep posted!

You can see Lacey Starr in Dr Lacey Sex Therapist 2 and loads more of her naughty flicks on Television X. Get it now by calling 0871 271 6869 or by visiting


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