While ministers in parliament are all in a right pickle trying to make Britain great again; Drawing lines on maps, dividing the nation, upending business and watching endless repeats of Deal or no Deal. We have come to the conclusion that everything in Blighty has gone ass over tit.

Backstops, HARD borders and entrance dysfunction, it’s all becoming a real pain in the ass. So for a bit of light relief from all this political mumbo jumbo we have created our own version of the backstop… CrackStop. The finest rears that Brexit Britain has to offer served up by the good folks at Television X.

Behinds fit for worship belonging to such stunnas as Alessa Savage, Barbie Sins, Ava Dalush and Yuffie Yulan.

So just for a moment forget about Britain, political turmoil, freezing weather and head down south and enjoy your very own Place in the Bum.

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