Embolden Globes


It’s that time of year again when all that’s glitzy and glamourous descend on Hollywood for the annual Golden Globe awards where the best movies of the year are celebrated alongside a medley of film stars and the rich and famous.

So in honour of the the big flick bash we’ve come up with our own definitive list of movies worthy of celebration and a bit of finger shuffling courtesy of Top UK Porno channel Television X and their own alternative movie award ceremony The Shaftas.

Our top 10 skin flicks include.

Saturday Night Beaver

Ella Hughes gets her fill on the dancefloor in this tribute to the 70’s classic.

Chariots of Jizz

Endurance, stamina and other enormous attributes are what’s needed to win this race on Skegness Beach

Fang Bang

Sink yourself in deep with this pain in the neck starring the not so long toothed Stacey Lacey


Not about heroin addicts from Edinburgh but there’s loads of hot grumble to gawp at in this one.

Breaking Bad Bitches 2

Again not a narcotic in sight as the King of Porn Pascal White starts up an alternative Youth Training Scheme.

Sherlock Bones

The private detective looks deep into at his hot new case with the stunna Lucy Love

Bareback Mountain

Climbing on top of huge peaks and sliding inside the slimmest chasms without a plastic mac in sight.

Cumdog Millionaire

Busty beauty Leah Jaye wins a place on the hit gameshow Goo Wants To Be A Millionaire.


Spooky Porno is served up inside your TV by huge titted, moaning and groaning entities.

The Iron Lady Garden

Rebecca More stars in this political drama and gets a huge surprise from her Chief Whip

You can see all these epic mastur-pieces on Television X by calling 0871 271 6869 or by visiting www.televisionx.com

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