Fit it up in there


After such an indulgent time of year watching that gluttonous midriff and moobs obscure the view of your todger there’s no better time to get fit, join a gym and get your hands on all that heavy equipment. Release those endorphins and start pumping that iron fist, working that body to get hotter buns than a baker.

Here’s a look at some breathless activities that might take your fancy in 2019.

Boxing – If you can handle a massive blow to your head this might be the sport for you.

High Jump – Jump straight in there and watch your bar raise right up.

Push ups – Floor exercises are the always best way to enjoy the classic up and downs.

Yoga – Push yourself in hard and enjoy a right good stretch.

Cycling – Chose a decent bike, climb on and have the ride of your life.

Snooker – There’s no better feeling than bending over and sinking the pink.

Tennis – New balls please… And then some mixed doubles.

Squats – Leg day is always a great day.

So as you see there are plenty of ways to get fit in 2019 and get that perfect body and before you know it women will be letting you have your whey with them. Don’t forget that protein intake making sure you put plenty of meat inside and you’ll end up with more mass than a church on a Sunday!

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