A tvX Rated 2018


It’s been quite a glorious year of porn peddling for the number one Porn TV channel in the UK Television X. With 2018 nearly gone we look back at some of the ups and downs of the year in the skin flick biz.

January – The chill of winter was warmed up by some red hot fire brought to us in the form of Zara Du Rose as she showed us how infidelity is done properly in the movie I’m Fucking Your Husband

February – The ice cool Alessa Savage splashed all over our screens as she put in a SHAFTA winning performance and reminded us that Brit Chicks Love Black Dick.

March – Any of those winter ailments where long banished as we all got a dose of medicine from none other than super GILF Lacey Starr as Dr Lacey.

April – The incredible Sophie Anderson got more than just chocolate for Easter, she got filled up with an endless queue of manhood in Sophie Anderson Pushed to Her Limits.

May – With Megan’s marriage to Harry the talk on the town we looked at some alternative wedding attire that was sure to keep Harry’s freckled chopper up like a British flag pole all night.

June – From weddings to divorces. Linsey Dawn Mackenzie went Todger mad as she became officially single and served up an x rated televisual feast in Linsey Dawn’s Dick Hungry Divorcees.

July – The Summer saw the famous Shaftas Awards. Sizzingly named The Summer of Love, a host of scantily clad pornstars descended on London for the glitzy bash all wanting to get their hands on the famous golden shlong gong.

August – The heat continued with an old classic returning to the TVX screens. The legend that is Pascal White showed he still a skirt magnet, finding a crop of young, eager beavers in Breaking Bad Bitches 2

September – The ride of your life took place with Television X sponsored cycling team Porn Pedallers on a jaunt to cultural Amsterdam to take in the sights and do some essential window shopping.

October – What goes on behind those twitching curtains down a street near you? The Amateur Wives Club expose gave us a glimpse into the swinging world.

November – Television X’s fist pumping productions such as Hard Brexxxit were recognised the world over with their nominations at the prestigious Xbiz awards.

December – A very large lead up to Christmas with cuddly BBW Busty Cookie bringing a host of big and beautiful women to the TVX screens in Busty Cookies New Recruits.


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