Blondes V Brunettes


That age old question, do you prefer a blonde or a brunette? We’ve all heard the saying that gentlemen prefer blondes? but are brunettes better in the sack? Do blondes have more fun? Well in the name of research we looked into this issue real close up to find out who really does comes out on top!

A recent study found that blondes take 6 minutes longer than brunettes to get ready to go out. Blondes will apparently spend an average of 72 minutes a day on their beauty routine compared to 66 minutes for brunettes.

Although some reports state that men generally prefer fair-haired women, an interesting bit of research noted that brunette men preferred brunette women; blonde men equally preferred blondes and brunettes.

The study also noted that a lot of people perceive women with dark hair to be more intelligent. Also no one ever makes jokes about brunettes. To do something unintelligent is often referred to as “being blonde” or “having a blonde moment.”

Blonde waitresses also receive higher tips than darker-haired waitresses. In a survey of 482 waitresses, blondes earned significant higher tips than their brunette colleagues.

Anyway enough with the science, let’s move on to anatomy and check out some of the finest examples of blondes and brunettes currently exhibiting themselves on Top UK porno channel Television X.

We’ll start with the dark side and this brunette needs no introduction at all. The exceptionally naughty Alessa Savage getting to grips with a hard tool in Brit Chicks Love Black Dicks.

And then a double header from the blonde camp. The sizzling Amber Jayne and Barbie Sins giving us a visual demonstration of ménage à trois from the movie Linsey Dawns Dick Hungry Divorcees.

And how could we not include dusky beauty Jasmine Jae enjoying a good filling in the movie Cock Hunter.

Back to the blondes and we have the mountainous breasted Chessie Kay getting some proper Bush Tucker in I’m A Pornstar Get Me Out Of Here.

Next up is the sumptuous bodied Julia De Lucia covering herself in lotion in the movie Sun Stroke

Then we have blonde cutie Karlie Simon jumping up and down and making lots of noise in XXX Pats.

And onto professional cock carer Tina Kay getting it in the eyes in Pornstars in Their Eyes.

And last but by no means least we have blonde bombshell Rebecca More bent double in Rebeccas Sex Tour of England.

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