Stuffing Britain’s Stockings


It’s that time of year again as offices get ready to all jingle their bells and attend their annual slap up binge in Britain’s restaurants, pubs and clubs.

It’s Office Christmas party time, a celebration of the festive season and a chance for employees to get together in song, dance and laughter after a year of hard work.

But inevitably as all the free alcohol flows with colleagues dressed to the nines, the celebrations tend to get flirtatious, the Mistletoe comes out and inhibitions get left out in the cold.

That naughty receptionist you’ve always had your eye on is giving you the glazed eye and all of a sudden, you’re in a steamy illicit encounter and emptying your sack over her face all in the name of Santa Claus.

Up and down the nation Christmas fumblings are going on like wild Turkey. Office workers from Birmingham are allegedly the most promiscuous according to one survey. Apparently an incredible one in 5 randy Brummies have confessed to cheating on a partner during the festive season.

In another survey it was said that 44% of men have had a naughty clinch with a co-worker during an office xmas party and 49% of men and women have expressed an interest to “go all the way” with a colleague. An astonishing third of workers have gone home with someone after the party. Also a quarter of female workers surveyed said their boss had made an inappropriate proposal to them during the yuletide bash. Incidentally 100% of the people we asked said they would sling it up someone at work.

So to celebrate all this seasonal infidelity we got our good friends at the top UK porn channel Television X to send us some of their best filthy office shenanigans.

So feast your bauble eyes on Tina Kay, Alessa Savage, Pippa Blonde, Carla Cox and Alyssa Divine and their lovely trimmings as they get naughty and naked with random stationary and ridden like Reindeers…

You can see ‘Office Adventures’ and loads more seasonal wonders all on Television X by calling 0871 271 6869 or by visiting

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