A tvX Rated 2018


It’s been quite a glorious year of porn peddling for the number one Porn TV channel in the UK Television X. With 2018 nearly gone we look back at some of the ups and downs of the year in the skin flick biz.

January – The chill of winter was warmed up by some red hot fire brought to us in the form of Zara Du Rose as she showed us how infidelity is done properly in the movie I’m Fucking Your Husband

February – The ice cool Alessa Savage splashed all over our screens as she put in a SHAFTA winning performance and reminded us that Brit Chicks Love Black Dick.

March – Any of those winter ailments where long banished as we all got a dose of medicine from none other than super GILF Lacey Starr as Dr Lacey.

April – The incredible Sophie Anderson got more than just chocolate for Easter, she got filled up with an endless queue of manhood in Sophie Anderson Pushed to Her Limits.

May – With Megan’s marriage to Harry the talk on the town we looked at some alternative wedding attire that was sure to keep Harry’s freckled chopper up like a British flag pole all night.

June – From weddings to divorces. Linsey Dawn Mackenzie went Todger mad as she became officially single and served up an x rated televisual feast in Linsey Dawn’s Dick Hungry Divorcees.

July – The Summer saw the famous Shaftas Awards. Sizzingly named The Summer of Love, a host of scantily clad pornstars descended on London for the glitzy bash all wanting to get their hands on the famous golden shlong gong.

August – The heat continued with an old classic returning to the TVX screens. The legend that is Pascal White showed he still a skirt magnet, finding a crop of young, eager beavers in Breaking Bad Bitches 2

September – The ride of your life took place with Television X sponsored cycling team Porn Pedallers on a jaunt to cultural Amsterdam to take in the sights and do some essential window shopping.

October – What goes on behind those twitching curtains down a street near you? The Amateur Wives Club expose gave us a glimpse into the swinging world.

November – Television X’s fist pumping productions such as Hard Brexxxit were recognised the world over with their nominations at the prestigious Xbiz awards.

December – A very large lead up to Christmas with cuddly BBW Busty Cookie bringing a host of big and beautiful women to the TVX screens in Busty Cookies New Recruits.


Merry ChristmASS

Merry ChristmASS

It’s that time of year again for jingling your bells, stuffin’ your stockings and gobbling down the Turkey.

It’s Chrisssssstmmmmaaaassss!!

And what absolute crackers we have pulled for you here courtesy of top UK porno channel Television X.

Some very naughty Yuletide girls unwrapping some enormous packages, licking huge candy sticks, playing with new shiny battery powered toys and swallowing a ton of eggnog.

So come and empty your sack and make your todger cry tears as white as snow while you check out all these festive  wonders on Television X. Call 0871 271 6869 or visit www.televisionx.com

Blondes V Brunettes


That age old question, do you prefer a blonde or a brunette? We’ve all heard the saying that gentlemen prefer blondes? but are brunettes better in the sack? Do blondes have more fun? Well in the name of research we looked into this issue real close up to find out who really does comes out on top!

A recent study found that blondes take 6 minutes longer than brunettes to get ready to go out. Blondes will apparently spend an average of 72 minutes a day on their beauty routine compared to 66 minutes for brunettes.

Although some reports state that men generally prefer fair-haired women, an interesting bit of research noted that brunette men preferred brunette women; blonde men equally preferred blondes and brunettes.

The study also noted that a lot of people perceive women with dark hair to be more intelligent. Also no one ever makes jokes about brunettes. To do something unintelligent is often referred to as “being blonde” or “having a blonde moment.”

Blonde waitresses also receive higher tips than darker-haired waitresses. In a survey of 482 waitresses, blondes earned significant higher tips than their brunette colleagues.

Anyway enough with the science, let’s move on to anatomy and check out some of the finest examples of blondes and brunettes currently exhibiting themselves on Top UK porno channel Television X.

We’ll start with the dark side and this brunette needs no introduction at all. The exceptionally naughty Alessa Savage getting to grips with a hard tool in Brit Chicks Love Black Dicks.

And then a double header from the blonde camp. The sizzling Amber Jayne and Barbie Sins giving us a visual demonstration of ménage à trois from the movie Linsey Dawns Dick Hungry Divorcees.

And how could we not include dusky beauty Jasmine Jae enjoying a good filling in the movie Cock Hunter.

Back to the blondes and we have the mountainous breasted Chessie Kay getting some proper Bush Tucker in I’m A Pornstar Get Me Out Of Here.

Next up is the sumptuous bodied Julia De Lucia covering herself in lotion in the movie Sun Stroke

Then we have blonde cutie Karlie Simon jumping up and down and making lots of noise in XXX Pats.

And onto professional cock carer Tina Kay getting it in the eyes in Pornstars in Their Eyes.

And last but by no means least we have blonde bombshell Rebecca More bent double in Rebeccas Sex Tour of England.

You can see all these amazing specimens on Television X by calling 0871 271 6869 or by visiting www.televisionx.com



If, like us, you’ve been looking at porn for longer than you can remember then you will appreciate some of the scorchers we have lined up for you here.

Just like Facebook serves up your memories from yesteryear, we thought we’d remind all of you veteran sleaze fans of some of the game girls who have graced our screens in the past.

The type of beauties that boomed the golden porn generation, gracing DVD covers, signing for fans at erotic shows and giving meaning to the word Porn’Star’.

So we asked our good friends at Top UK porno channel Television X if they could send us some smutty pictures of their most popular girls from back in the day.

Some of you professional w**kers out there will remember these nymphos and how amazing they were at their days jobs. We can honestly say that we are gutted when they all decided to hang up their crotchless knickers and leave the blue movie biz.

Starlets such as Alicia Rhodes on her knees in the movie Au Pair. The exotic Leah Jaye sitting on a very large tool in Celebrity Sex Juice. The gorgeous Cate Harrington taking it deep in the movie Babe Spotting. Cathy Barry and her amazing hooters in Extreme Cougar. The lively Aussie Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence taking more than a mouthful in Sexual Predator. Blonde bombshell Michelle B giving out oral lessons in Analising Europe, The sultry Renee Richards getting done by legendary porn stud Pascal White in the Demise of Renee Richards. Cracking brunette Sasha Rose opening her wonderful tattooed legs in Motorhome Mingers. Not to forget the heavenly body of Shay Hendrix taking it like a trooper in Asbo Trash Whores and last but definitely not least cutie Suzie Best showing everyone just where she wants it in the movie Erotique.

Ladies! We salute you and miss you all…

You can watch all of these porn legends on Television X by calling 0871 271 6869 or by visiting www.televisionx.com

Stuffing Britain’s Stockings


It’s that time of year again as offices get ready to all jingle their bells and attend their annual slap up binge in Britain’s restaurants, pubs and clubs.

It’s Office Christmas party time, a celebration of the festive season and a chance for employees to get together in song, dance and laughter after a year of hard work.

But inevitably as all the free alcohol flows with colleagues dressed to the nines, the celebrations tend to get flirtatious, the Mistletoe comes out and inhibitions get left out in the cold.

That naughty receptionist you’ve always had your eye on is giving you the glazed eye and all of a sudden, you’re in a steamy illicit encounter and emptying your sack over her face all in the name of Santa Claus.

Up and down the nation Christmas fumblings are going on like wild Turkey. Office workers from Birmingham are allegedly the most promiscuous according to one survey. Apparently an incredible one in 5 randy Brummies have confessed to cheating on a partner during the festive season.

In another survey it was said that 44% of men have had a naughty clinch with a co-worker during an office xmas party and 49% of men and women have expressed an interest to “go all the way” with a colleague. An astonishing third of workers have gone home with someone after the party. Also a quarter of female workers surveyed said their boss had made an inappropriate proposal to them during the yuletide bash. Incidentally 100% of the people we asked said they would sling it up someone at work.

So to celebrate all this seasonal infidelity we got our good friends at the top UK porn channel Television X to send us some of their best filthy office shenanigans.

So feast your bauble eyes on Tina Kay, Alessa Savage, Pippa Blonde, Carla Cox and Alyssa Divine and their lovely trimmings as they get naughty and naked with random stationary and ridden like Reindeers…

You can see ‘Office Adventures’ and loads more seasonal wonders all on Television X by calling 0871 271 6869 or by visiting www.televisionx.com

December Advent Calendar

Every night this month we are serving up a Christmas treat with a whole evening dedicated to one pornstar! Check when your favourite girl is on and join Television X by calling 0871 271 6869 or by visiting www.televisionx.com

  1. Chessie Kay
  2. Sienna Day
  3. Amber Deen
  4. Brooklyn Blue
  5. Victoria Summers
  6. Jasmine Jae
  7. Samantha Bentley
  8. Sasha Rose
  9. Daisy Rock
  10. Lucia Love
  11. Hannah Shaw
  12. Michelle Thorne
  13. Kiki Minaj
  14. Lexi Lowe
  15. Paige Turner
  16. Alessa Savage
  17. Lacey Starr
  18. Stella Cox
  19. Sophie Anderson
  20. Robyn Trulove
  21. Carmel Anderson
  22. Lolly Badcock
  23. Sahara Knite
  24. Busty Cookie
  25. Jess West
  26. Angel Long
  27. Linsey Dawn Mckenzie
  28. Tina Kay
  29. Rebecca More
  30. Michelle Moist
  31. Ella Hughes