To have and cuckold


Quote from Television X Spokesperson on Seann and Katya porn movie offer.

“Here at Television X, we feel like Seann has been getting a really bad press throughout this whole saga. He’s gone from one of the most loved comics in the UK to a life of alleged excessive drinking, having boozy smooches with married women and being left alone and single after being dumped by his partner Rebecca Humphries.

Well we have come up with the perfect solution for jobless Seann and his dance partner Katya Jones now they have been booted off Strictly and might be struggling for a bit of cash.

We also feel there is an element of unfinished business between them both so wanted to offer them a bumper cash incentive of half a million pounds to star in a porn movie together thus increasing their profile massively with Television X being the biggest Porn TV channel in the UK.

Our team of Movie Directors have been discussing possible titles should the pair decided to go ahead with the deal. Going with the dance/musical theme we thought the following might be appropriate:

Strictly Caught Kissing

Breast Side Story

A Midsummer Nights Cream

All That Jizz


Easy Ride Her

Dances with Balls

Katja ‘Bonking’ Bones

Walsh’s Willy Waltz

We’re hoping to hear back soon if Sean and Katya take us up on our offer and not wanting to leave anymore out, Katya’s cuckold Husband, and fellow Strictly Pro Neil Jones is of course welcome to come and watch the blockbuster being made if he so wishes.”

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