Trick or Teat


It’s that time of year again when you are asked to decide “Trick or Treat?” as Halloween is upon us once more.

Well, we here at the Sunday Sport think you should be giving yourself a treat by enjoying some top ‘spooky’ porn.

The good folk at top adult channel Television X are serving up a few potions over this Witching season with some great deals on their TV channel and website.

Whether it may be the delicious eye candy of Megan Coxxx in The Doll Maker or the magical Michelle Moist in Fetishly Insane. Maybe you’d like to enjoy the Pumpkins on Valery Summer in Rubberland or perhaps you’d like to sink your teeth into Lolly Badcock & Renee Richards in Vampires.

You can see all of these wonderful treats and many a magic wand on Television X by calling 0871 271 6869 or by visiting

Sexy Secrets of the Stars


This week the Sunday Sport were lucky enough to have exclusive access to a hot and naughty photoshoot set up by number one UK porn channel Television X

The focus of the photoshoot? 3 horny pornstars – award winning GILF Lacey Starr, Ample-asseted Scottish beauty Skyler McKay and cheeky ex-Gymnast pornstar Loula Lou who were there flashing their bits all in the name of porn.

We watched on as the girls stripped down to their knickers and stockings. The flashes started going off as the girls posed for the cameras in every position imaginable and even started making out with each other.

During a break in the shoot we caught up with some of the naughty porn nymphs to pose a question from the Sunday Sport. We wanted to know the most outrageous place they had ever had sex before.

First up to answer was the one and only ‘Dr Lacey’, Lacey Starr “Oh wow, it was fun and spontaneous, riding along one sunny afternoon with some friends, we passed a farm with a huge field covered with hay bales. We all decided to jump the fence and go climb on the bales for a bit of fun. It was scorching hot up there and soon clothes were coming off left, right and centre. All that fresh country air, we all started feeling frisky and then were fumbling and f**king on top the bales like farmyard animals. After we had finished, sat exhausted with straw everywhere I remember looking over and seeing a Farmer stood up on his tractor at the far end of the field. He must have been watching everything haha. I’ll never forget that.”

Next up to talk to us was Loula Lou, the star of recent Television X movie Breaking Bad Bitches 2 “I was with my f**k buddy and we thought we’d take in some English Heritage by visiting Carisbrooke Castle. Looking at all those lovely Turrets I suddenly got really horny so decided to find somewhere we could have sex. After looking around without much success I decided enough was enough and just bent over a cannon ready for it. It was an explosive feeling as my boyfriend loaded my breech while I was straddling the 24-pound Howitzer. The best thing was as I looked down over the canons big end I could see people walking about on the floor below and they had no idea at all of what was stuffed inside my barrel.

Last but certainly not least we chatted to the star of Television X’s “Angel Long’s Foot Addicts” the enormous breasted wonder that is Skyler Mckay “When I was at drama school I used to work part time in a theatre. One night during a boring performance I persuaded the Usher to come with me to the back row where it was quiet. What started as a little hand job in the dark turned into the main performance as I sat on his lap and he slipped his enormous volume in me. I ended up bending over the chairs and had the biggest orgasm luckily muffled by the 2nd acts dreadful singing haha” She said of her own naughtiest experience.

The temperature continued to rise at the shoot as 3 hot guys suddenly arrived to join in the fun. We suddenly decided to make our excuses to leave before things got too steamy for our reporters.

You can see Lacey Starr, Skyler McKay and Loula Lou, all on Television X by calling 0871 271 6869 or by visiting

Sex Island Barbie goes all the way


Adult star Barbie Sins has been keeping very warm lately as these chilly Autumn nights close in. The mammoth breasted porn queen has just got back from a bountiful horny holiday. An exotic Pacific Island paradise where she has been filming for UK porn channel Television X.

Brazenly named ‘Sex Island’, based on the popular hit show ‘Love Island’, Barbie and a host of other adult stars including Tina Kay, Amirah Adara and Cassie Del Isla descended on the Island with one thing in mind – to go completely shag mad bonkers with each other and any men they get their hands on.

“It’s like Love Island but gets down to the action a lot quicker and of course our version is a LOT more graphic!” said a Television X spokesperson.

Barbie herself told us she is no stranger to sex fuelled adventures abroad whether it be on the sun kissed beaches of Magaluf or taking those mountainous breasts on the slopes of Cauterets, there are plenty of notches on the holiday bedposts.

She’s also been a busy girl when it comes to starring in jerk off flicks this year. Getting down and dirty in Malice Before Daylight, Pornstars in their Eyes and Linsey Dawn’s Dick Hungry Divorcees all of which can be seen on Television X and let’s not forget the new upcoming series ‘Sex Island’ this Saturday at 10pm.

You can access Television X by calling 0871 271 6869 or by visiting

Amateur Wives Club

Premier U.K. adult channel Television X has announced the release of its newest series, “Amateur Wives Club,” airing Friday evenings at 10 p.m. BST and released on the website on Mondays.

According to the company, Amateur Wives Club explores a real “wife watching” voyeur’s club located in the north of England. The club centers around a group of swingers and British housewives that just love to show off and have club members come and watch their sexual escapades.

“The club is unique as it centers around both voyeurism and exhibitionism and allows our members to explore their fantasies with like-minded individuals,” says the club’s manager. “It’s all about wives expressing themselves sexually to achieve female empowerment.”

Amateur Wives Club features a wide range of talent including Crystal Smith, Beau Diamond, Jamie Ray, Pixie Little, Kitty, Camilla, Mr. Longwood, Tricky Dicky, and Marc. Some of the performers are swingers that tick a lot of the swinging niche boxes, such as MILFs, hot wives, and voyeurism.

“‘Amateur Wives Club’ is a glimpse into a sexual world that could be happening in your street or neighborhood,” adds a company spokesperson. “It’s reality porn with a capital ‘R’ for ‘R-rated!’”

“Wives, voyeurs, exhibitionists, and secret clubs,” the spokesperson concludes. “The film exposes some of the modern sex habits of adults today.”

Fans can access Television X by calling 0871 075 6969 or clicking here.

Amateur Wives in Pro Show


Number one UK porno channel Television X has just released their next cheeky blockbuster flick called “Amateur Wives Club”.

Amateur Wives Club is a real life naughty ‘Wife Watching’ Club located in the historical town of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. The pervy club centres around a group of sex mad Housewives that just love to show off their bits and pieces and have other mucky swingers watch their sexual escapades.

“We are very proud of our little club. Our members are empowered sexual beings exploring their wild sides, they don’t need to go trawling boring dating sites or go out on expensive dates to find their sexual kicks, we connect ready-made randy members with normal Housewives who are all keen to s**k and f**k each other until the cows come home” said the club’s current manager and event organiser.

The movie features a wealth of the Wives club’s real amateur talent including, Crystal Smith, Beau Diamond, Jamie Ray, Pixie Little, Kitty and Camilla, the movie also stars hot studs Mr Longwood, Tricky Dicky and Marc who were all making sure their hard tools were on hand for the sex crazed MILFS to enjoy.

“Amateur Wives Club is a glimpse into a naughty world of illicit sex that could be happening in your street, in your corner shop or municipal library,” said a Television X spokesperson “It’s reality porn with a capital R for Raunchy! It’s got wives, voyeurs, exhibitionists, secret underground clubs and tons of smouldering sex! The film gives a peep into some of the modern debauched habits of adults today in Britain.”

You can watch all the filthy action of the Amateur Wives Club by tuning into Television X on Friday evening at 10pm

Get access NOW by calling 0871 075 6969 or head over to